Principal's Message

Fall Message to Families 

My name is Aubrie Dimas and I am the new Principal of Martin Murphy. I have been at  Murphy since the beginning of the year. This is my eighteenth year as an educator. All of my experience has been at the Middle School level. I was previously the Assistant Principal at Hoover Middle School in San Jose and before that taught for 14 years in Berryessa. I love Middle School students. I know we are in a transition time. I want to assure you that we are holding the students to the same standard that we started the year with. We want them to be enthusiastic, mindful, persevere, take ownership, show work ethic, be equitable and work rigorously. We held an assembly today to review these expectations. 

At this assembly we briefly reviewed our Run, Hide, Defend protocol. Run, Hide, Defend is in that order because that is the order the students are trained to follow. In the event of an emergency, the Police Department would take over and we would comply with all their instructions. This includes reporting to the reunification place the Department will set up.

We also reviewed the Stop It App with our students. This is an app that allows students to anonymously report things that they observe. Our Stop it theme is : IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING! The Stop It App does not take the place of our system for reporting conflict or a bullying incident.  If students have a conflict issue to report, please remind them to report to the office and make a student statement. The Stop It app is on each of our student’s chrome books as the cell signal here is not awesome. Please also remind students that if they are reporting on the Stop It app they need to check in to see if administration has communicated with them based on their report. 

I also want to take some time to  introduce you to Mr. Nathan Winchell. Mr. Winchell is in his thirteenth year as an educator all of which he has done in MHUSD. He has worked in both elementary and middle schools primarily with 6th graders. Mr. Winchell has invited all the students to introduce themselves and share a fun fact with him. We are excited to have him with us. 

We encourage you to talk over all of these things with your students. Please continue to check in with our weekly newsletters. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any staff members at Martin Murphy. 


Aubrie Dimas

We work hard. We are kind. Because we know success is no accident.