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"Math Study Island FAQ"



Martinez, Hernandez & Strich Project Directions

Fager, Young & Culkin Project Directions

The purpose of the Study Island Project is to provide our students with targeted material that meets their needs. Each individual student is assigned topics that have been identified as gaps in their prior learning that need to be addressed. High achieving students without identifiable gaps are given grade level material to work on that provides an increased depth of knowledge of the standards when used appropriately with our regular curriculum. This project is a supplement to our CPM standard grade level math curriculum. Over the years of our students completing this project we have seen a consistent pattern of increased MAP scores that surpass the expected growth based on national data. The tangible effect is that our students with skill gaps show better progress than they otherwise would and our high achievers are better prepared to begin an accelerated math track in high school. If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s Study Island Fall Project, you should feel free to reach out to your student’s teacher to make sure you get specific answers. 

For your convenience here are email addresses for our Math Team:
Martinez:             Hernandez:
Strich:                           Fager:
Young:                        Culkin:

Q: Where can I find the instructions for the project?

A: Your student should be able to find the specific instructions for their project on Google Classroom. If they cannot find the instructions in the Google Classroom stream, reach out to your student’s teacher for assistance. The instructions for the project are nearly identical no matter what grade or teacher your student has but not completely identical so please make sure you get instructions directly from your student’s teacher. You can also find the instructions linked above. 

Q: When should my student complete their project? How much time should it take?

A: Students will complete the majority of their project at home. While they will have some time in class to work on it, they should be working on it any day they don’t have to finish their CPM assignment from that day. Since each project is individualized, the amount of time it will take to complete is different for every student. It’s important to make sure your student is working on it regularly. If you believe that your student is spending an appropriate amount of time on the project but that they are not making the progress necessary to finish on time, then communicate with your student’s math teacher so that we can make sure the workload is appropriate. The project should fit well within our school’s homework policy for each grade level.

Q: How does my student learn the topics?

A: When the students select the topics, they will see an option for “lesson” which will have several pages of videos and example problems that they can and should review. If those videos and examples are not enough, your student may be able to find an instructional video in this folder by selecting the appropriate grade and finding the topic name they need help with. That folder is probably available on Google Classroom with the instructions for the project.

Q: How does the project affect my student’s math grade?

A: This project will be one of the very last grades to go in the gradebook for the first semester before winter break. The exact weight of the project's grade on your student’s overall grade depends on your student’s individual teacher and their grading policy. If you have read the instructions and still have questions about how the project is graded and how it will affect your student’s grade, please reach out to your student’s teacher for clarification.

Q: How do I monitor my student’s progress to be sure they are not falling behind?

A: The best way to monitor your student’s project is to ask your student to log in to Study Island and have them show you their topics they have completed and need to complete. Since each student has a different number of topics and the difficulty of those topics varies significantly from student to student, there is no hard and fast formula for how many topics each student should complete each week. If you believe that amount of work required to complete the remaining topics in your student’s project is unreasonable, then you should reach out to your student’s teacher. This is a highly individualized project, so we realize that we will have to address several individual student needs.