Dramatic Arts is designed to introduce beginners to performance arts both onstage and backstage.  Year two of Drama extends student knowledge of theatrical productions to include script writing, choreography, production and technical design.  Students will be working extensively on musical theatre 3 days a week in Dance.

 There are 4 productions a year after school which include Thriller, Halloween Flashmob, Improv Night, Student directed plays, Spring Musical, and Annual Poetry Slam Competition. We have a club that meets at lunch time and after school rehearsals. We also take 2 field trips a year to Stanford University and Sobrato High School for theatre experience.


Drama Information

Drama Syllabus

Mrs. Gaylord - Drama/Dance   – MMMS


Course Overview: (7th/8th grade) 


Dramatic Arts is designed to introduce beginners to performance arts both onstage and backstage.  Year two of Drama extends student knowledge of theatrical productions to include script writing, choreography, production and technical design.  Students will be working extensively on musical theatre 3 days a week in Dance. 

Required Dance Materials:

Students are responsible for having the following items Every Wednesday:

  • MMMS PE clothing or full length sweat/stretch pants bottoms

  • MMMS PE clothing or full length exercise tops with sleeves

  • REQUIRED for both Drama/Dance: Jazz sneaker or Jazz lace up shoe in black (no street shoes allowed in Performing Arts Center)


Classroom and School Expectations:

  • Students are expected to adhere to Martin Murphy Middle School rules, policies, and school standards. This means while in our classroom you are expected to:

    1. Be respectful of the learning environment. 

    2. Be respectful of yourself and others at all times. Derogatory remarks or gestures of any kind create an unsafe environment and will not be tolerated. All students will feel welcomed and included and will be free from harassment based upon ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

    3. Put away all electronic devices, including but not limited to: Cell phones, speakers,earbuds  If teacher sees or hears any of these devices, they will be confiscated and turned into the office with no exceptions. 

    4. Put away Food and Drink. You are allowed to have a water bottle at all times.

    5. Participate in all activities and to give your best effort in everything you do! ☺


Class Procedures:

Beginning the Period:

  • All cell phones, food, & make-up are put away. Do not enter the room with your phone or earbuds out.

  • PE Dress out: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday (Dance); Monday/Friday (Drama) you must enter locker room and dress out by 1st 7 minutes for roll and walking over to the PAC. Always meet on the amphitheatre stage for roll.

  • Scripts, vocabulary cards or computers should be out ready to work on Tuesday & Thursdays. 

During the Period:

  • Students may not leave the room without teacher permission for any reason. 

  • Students must participate in all games with enthusiasm, the sillier the better

Ending the Period:

  • Students are released from class by teacher, not by the bell. 

  • In order to be released on time, students must be in SLANT mode.  

  • PE release days: 7 minute bell for change out in locker room. Meet at amphitheatre at the start of class, walk with teacher to locker room at the end of the period.  Keep your shoes in your PE bag or locker.


Homework: It is your responsibility to memorize all lines, vocabulary, or choreography .  You must be off book for any performance!!! No exceptions!



Restroom Use:

  • Students should use the restroom before or after class, during PE dress out and during passing.  

  • Students will be given 4 bathroom passes per semester to use for emergencies. 

  • Students are not allowed to use the restroom during the first 20 minutes of class or the last 20 minutes of class.


  • Attendance will be taken every day as the bell rings per group Call-Response warm-up.

  • Only students in their assigned workstations sitting quietly will be marked on time. 

  • Attendance is important.  This makes up your participation grade.


  • Students will not be allowed to make up class-work for points if their absence or tardy is unexcused.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to find out what work was missed while absent. Students should check the board, ask other students, and ask the teacher before or after class about missed work.

  • Missed work due to absence is due the class after you return.

      • Ex. absent Monday, get the work Tuesday, due Wednesday.

Classroom Assignments and Daily Activities:

This is a project based class--you must show mastery of skills by performing, writing scripts, and taking written tests on vocabulary terms.  DO NOT throw away worksheets until after the final project is turned in.


*I show respect for others by not laughing at other people’s mistakes, swearing, calling names, or shouting.

Course Assignments and Grading:

Course Assignments: Grading System: 4 Excelled * 3 Mastery of skill * 2 Proficient, needs work * 1 Below grade level expectation * 0 Failure to turn in work

  • Classwork         

  • Scripts / Projects                                    

  • Group Performances/Quizzes/Final Performance Projects    

  • Participation

  • Choreography/Technical skills practice

Do I have to be “good” at art to get and A? Absolutely not!

If you follow directions, attend class with a positive attitude, do the work, and clean-up, you will get a better grade than a person with natural “talent” who doesn’t put in any effort or show progress.  It’s about your effort and craftsmanship in art. This is a studio class so attendance is very important.  

Contact Information:

E-mail: gaylorda@mhusd.org

Share: Google Drive “can edit” to my email

Assignments turned in through Google Classroom _________________

I am available before school, brunch & electronically before 9 pm for 1-1 tutoring.

PROGRAMS NEEDED: Google Classroom Google Drive/Docs MyhomeworkApp

Keep this syllabus in your Drama Folder or Drama section of your binder.


Any arts n crafts supplies

Hand sanitizer

1 Clorox wipes

1 large box Kleenex Tissue

1 pack water bottles

1 ream colored paper


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(Tear off this bottom half of the syllabus and return it next class for homework points.)

Sign below to indicate you have read and now understand these course expectations:


Student Name (Printed):_____________________________________________________ 

Student Signature:_________________________________________________________ Date: ________________

Parent/Guardian Name (Printed):_____________________________________________

Parent / Guardian Signature:_________________________________________________ Date:________________

Parent / Guardian e-mail:_________________________________________________________________________

Parent / Guardian Phone Number:__________________________________________________________________

Last show attended: ____________________________________________________________________________

List other programs: (gymnastics, FFA, band, sports)__________________________________________________


**Parent Homework: Please write an introduction that shares your favorite thing about your son/daughter and one goal you have for them this year in the section below:






 Forma Para Ordenar Zapatos VAPA 

Club de Glee, Club de Drama, Clase de Baile, Clase de Drama 

*Regrese ala oficina antes de Agosto 22.

1. Nombre de Estudiante: _____________________________________________


Nombre de Estudiante Correo Electronico de Estudiante


2. Clase del Estudiante: (circule uno):  Clase de Drama Clase de Baile

     Club de Glee/Drama 

3. Tipo de Zapato  (circule uno): Tinis para baile Zapatos para Jazz

4. Talla (tiene que ser tomada en la clase con la maestra): _____________

5. Costo de zapatos: $________________

*Cheques pagar a MMMS PAC (Centro de Arte)

**Nota importante,Los zapatos no se daran a los estudiantes hasta que esten pagados.

6.Hay alguna condicion medica que pueda restringir el movimiento para su estudiante? Por favor describa abajo: 








Si tiene problemas financieros, por favor dijiralo a la oficina principal.  Los estudiantes no seran penalizados debido a problemas financieros. Comuniquese con el personal de la oficina principal y proporcione su aprobacion gratuita de comida para recibir asistencia.  

Tenga en cuenta que los estudiantes se vestiran para el drama con el fin de explorar la teoria del teatro musical, el movimiento y la coreografia todos los lunes y viernes. Los zapatos y ropa deben mantenerse en sus casilleros de PE.

~Mrs. Gaylord