MATHCOUNTS will begin Monday, September 13th after school in Mr. Fager's Room 26

Morgan Hill Math is an outreach program sponsored by the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) which provides free math enrichment activities to about 300 students each year, from 4th through 12th grade, who live in and around Morgan Hill. Morgan Hill Math


MATHCOUNTS is a national middle school competitive math program. Students focus on complex problems, methodologies and challenging the mind. Advanced problem solving techniques are tested at School, Chapter, State, and National competitions. Please see for more information about the national MATHCOUNTS organization.

AIM has provided MATHCOUNTS coaches for Morgan Hill students enrolled in 7th and 8th grades since 2004. Students participate in a weekly program starting in September. In January, a subset of students from each school is selected to train for, and participate in, the Chapter competition in February. Teams and students excelling at the Chapter competition may advance to the subsequent Northern California State competition. For the past thirteen years, Morgan Hill teams and/or individual students have advanced to the State MATHCOUNTS competition. 

Participation in MATHCOUNTS puts the middle school student on a firm footing for both the near future (such as excelling on the math section of the SAT) and for longer term goals, including being successful in the many fields of study where problem solving is key.

MATHCOUNTS has been at Martin Murphy since 2014. There are several trophies in the Murphy display case earned by our students for winning the team round during the MATHCOUNTS Chapter competition. Let's keep it going!

For more information, please contact AIM Morgan Hill Math Director Kelley Barnes at or Murphy Math Department Chair, Steve Fager at