Youth with camera

Yearbook is a content section of Journalism class. 

Yearbook is also a club that is run by Mrs. Sloniker, 6th grade English/History and Journalism Teacher. 

Do you have photos for the yearbook?

If you have any photos to contribute, please visit the shared Google Drive here to upload content.

There are 4 sub-folders currently for which you can upload content. It's now as easy as dragging and dropping the photos!

If there are any photos you want to be featured in this year's yearbook, please upload them to the appropriate grade level folder as well as the general category it fits under (if applicable). Examples could be like "basketball", "science fair", "DC field trip", etc.

If you have many photos to submit from a certain sport/event, be sure to create a new folder that has a specific title pertaining to your photos.

Please do not post/redistribute any photos from these folders without first receiving emailed consent from Mr. LeMoine or administration.

While there is no guarantee we will be able to fit all the photos, my Journalism class-team will do our best to accommodate as many as we can!
Feel free to email Mrs. Sloniker questions you may have about the process of getting photos into the folder and he will do his best to assist you!